Sunday, November 26, 2006

How the SEC teams fared this season

Prior to the season, the College Football News put out a detailed analysis of the SEC by team, with the following classifications of how their win-loss records might play out –

1 .Realistic best case record with this schedule (Best Case)
2. Barring total disaster worst case record (Worst Case)
3. Realistic Record

I, of course, kept the analysis. Now, with the season complete, here are the winners and losers based on CFN’s predictions.

The Champion? – (team that beat their Best Case record)


The Winners – (teams that equaled their Best Case record)


The Par Performers - (teams that met their Realistic record)

Mississippi State

The Losers - (teams that performed worse than their Realistic record)

Ole Miss
South Carolina

The Disaster - (team that performed worse than their Worse Case record)


A brief comment on each, in turn:

Arkansas – per CFN, the Razorbacks could expect to go 7-5. Instead, even with their loss to LSU, they are 10-2. Their stated best case was 9-3. The big, big winners in this analysis.

Florida – expected to go 9-3. Best case was 11-1, which Florida equaled with their win over FSU.

Kentucky – CFN said realistic record was 5-7. Instead, they ended up 7-5, their best case scenario.

Auburn – CFN said best case was 12-0 – whoops! But their realistic record was 10-2, which they achieved.

LSU – Realistic record said to be 10-2, which LSU achieved with their win over Arkansas.

Tennessee – UT’s realistic record was 9-3, which they achieved with their win over UK.

Vanderbilt – expected to go 4-8, and they did exactly that.

Mississippi State – lived right up to that expected 3-9 record.

Georgia – Uh oh. With an expectation of 9-3, UGA ends up at 8-4 with their win over Georgia Tech.

South Carolina – CFN projected a realistic record of 8-4 for the ‘Cocks. With their win over Clemson, they came up just short at 7-5.

Ole Miss – The realistic record of 6-6 was missed with their current 4-8, equaling their worst case scenario.

Alabama – bye, bye Mike Shula? CFN had them with a realistic record of 9-3, and a worst case of 7-5. Guess what? They went 6-6. The most disappointing of the SEC teams.

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