Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Gator's Prayer

Dear Lord,

We beseech ye that this year be different from the last five,
That ye give us the strength to smite thee Commodores amongst their hive,
And that ye give those that dwell amidst the “stick of red”,
The power to likewise smite them that follow he in burnt orange well fed.

If the Phat one cannot be smote by the Bengals that lie north the city of fun,
Then give us your blessing to strike down the Visored One,
Although prodigal son he be,
Enemy he is current-ly.

Finally, we ask your grace,
To send us on to that promised place,
Wherein the Dome we might face,
Either Hog or Tiger for thy most Glorious race.


1 comment:

TallyGator said...

Ramen my Gator brothah!
Your prayers have been answered.