Monday, November 20, 2006

Garbage in, garbage out

I was a bit of a computer nerd when I was growing up. That expression was one I became familar with early on. Garbage in, garbage out means that if invalid data is entered into a system, the resulting output will also be invalid.

Well that just about sums up my feelings for the BCS. I mean what's the point in playing the games if the outcome doesn't affect the polls? Are you kidding me? Michigan was lucky that OSU kept giving them chances to climb back into that game. These were supposed to be two vaunted defenses. What a joke.

Meanwhile Florida continues to trail USC in the polls. I know, I know we played Western Carolina this week but WTF? Nobody seems to be respecting the gauntlet the Gators have run this season. And it's not over. We have a game against a down, but dangerous, in-state rival (FSU) and the SEC championship game against 0ne-loss Arkansas.

If Auburn (the team we lost to) played Oregon State (the team USC lost to), who do you think would win?

The BCS can blow me. Whoever is programming those computers apparently never learned the lesson: garbage in, garbage out.

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