Sunday, October 29, 2006

Our Defense Deserves Better

The win is, of course, the thing, and far be it for me to complain of a 7-1 record. But it has to be said - our Defense deserves better.

Both of the Bulldog’s scores came off turnovers - Leak’s interception and Tebow’s fumble. In the Auburn game, there was the blocked punt, the safety and the last gasp fumble that was returned for seven.

Our defense has played well enough for us to be 8-0. Easily. Nationally, we are 5th ranked on rushing defense, surrendering only 67.3 yards per game (easily best in the SEC). Even with all the cheap touchdowns our offense has surrendered, we remain a national 6th in scoring defense, giving up only 12.3 points per game. In total defense (yards yielded) we are a national 9th at 261 yards per game (the same as Ohio State). In Passing Efficiency Defense we are 5th nationally at 95.2.

I wonder if our Offense is ashamed every time they commit some inept turnover and hand our Defense 12 yards of field to defend? Do the Defensive players give our Offensive players an ever so brief “look” as they strap on their helmets yet again to bail out the latest blunder? I wouldn’t blame them.

So, raise a glass to our Defense. They deserve better.

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