Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Bull Gator Tunnel

I have to say that, at my jaded age of 40 years, not a whole lot gets me excited like a kid anymore.

However, for the South Carolina game, the athletic association has invited Bull Gators to stand on the field and form a “tunnel” for the team to run out of the locker room and onto the field.

So, with 90,000 plus Gator fans cheering, and to the sound of “Heeeeeeeeeeeere come the Gators”, I will get to stand out on the field and welcome the players out.

I feel like a 10 year old.


ALGator said...

Now THAT is cool.

Gator Duck - GNN Gator Football Fanatics said...

Wow, Mergz, that's sends tingles up and down my spine! To quote our favorite Freshman, "AWESOME!"

FishFan-GatorMan said...

Of course you have to take pictures and post them!