Friday, October 30, 2009

The Lousy Competition Canard

One of the most confounding NCAA stats this year is Florida’s current standing in Scoring Offense. Here are the top 10 scoring teams in the nation –

1 Texas 41.86
2 Cincinnati 40.71
3 Boise St. 40.43
3 Houston 40.43
5 Texas Tech 40
6 Oklahoma St. 37
7 Fresno St. 36.14
8 Texas A&M 35.86
9 Florida 35.29
10 3 Tied at 35.14

The Gators simply haven’t looked like a top scoring offense, especially lately.

The common explanation for this seems to be the lack of quality opponents we have played, especially in regard to the first 2 games where we scored 118 of our total points.

That argument doesn’t hold up, especially in light of what this statistic is - a comparative statistic.

First of all scoring overall is way down this year for the top teams. Last year Oklahoma averaged 51.14 points per game as the top scoring offense. Number 1 Texas this year is nearly 10 points below that number.

Florida is no exception. Last year we averaged 43.64 ppg, so our current output looks slim.

Secondly, while some of our opponents are less than stellar, which team above us in Scoring Offense is not the same? Texas scored 59 against Louisiana Monroe, 41 against Wyoming, and 64 against UTEP. Strip out those teams and Texas is averaging 32.25 ppg. With the exception of defensively 2nd ranked Oklahoma (against whom they scored 16), Texas has not faced a defense higher than 57th nationally, with 3 defenses worse than 90th (Colorado, La-Monroe, UTEP).

We are the 9th ranked Scoring Offense in the nation. It is a comparative statistic which is what it is.

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