Sunday, December 02, 2007

The BCS Works!

That's one of the headlines that currently appears on the official BCS web site right now. Can you imagine the NFL or any other sport's governing body having to point to some columnist's opinion to justify their method of crowing a champion? No, neither can I. There is no way any reasonable person can look at the mess described by Mergz below and say it works. Furthermore, even without looking at the specifics of this season do I think a reasonable person can assume that a two-team playoff (in a sport with 119 teams, a sport where teams only play 12-13 games, a sport with 11 different conferences of varying size, quality and method for selecting a champion) works.

We're huge college football fans here at Saurian Sagacity, and no Jason Whitlock, the BCS does not work unless you think football should be a judged sport.


Samuel Chi said...

Ha! Henry, righ on! I love the figure skater photo ... says it all!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and Oksana Baiul is a former alcoholic. Crashed a Mercedes while she was shit-faced!