Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Week 11 Power Rankings

Saurian Sagacity's Week 11 Power Rankings -

2 Oregon
3 Ohio St.
4 Missouri
5 Kansas
6 Florida
7 South Fla.
8 Clemson
9 West Virginia
10 Oklahoma
11 Arizona St.
12 Georgia
13 Illinois
14 Wisconsin
15 Virginia Tech
16 Texas
17 Rutgers
18 Penn St.
19 Cincinnati
20 Boston College
21 BYU
22 Kentucky
23 Oklahoma St.
24 Michigan
25 Oregon St.

For information on methodology, check here.

Unlike our regular BlogPoll voting, this is more a measure of “who would beat who”. I don’t presume to know that information myself, and if the polls this year have been any indication, neither does anyone else.

This Power Rankings uses mostly unbiased methodology that compares team total offense and total defense weighted by strength of schedule per NCAA, and overall record.

I have been working on a “Predictor Model” based on my Power Rankings, and last week I gave predictions on several games. Straight up the model correctly called wins for 21 of 24 of the Top 25 ranked teams (the UConn – Cincy game was a push per the model). It badly missed the Illinois and Maryland wins, and more narrowly missed the USC and Mississippi State wins. Still, it correctly called the wins by Kansas, Georgia, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin (made some $$ on that one), Virginia, Clemson, Tennessee and Kentucky.

I’ll release some predictions later in the week.

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