Monday, November 12, 2007

Notre Dame Historical Ineptitude Watch

Is their second consecutive losing effort to a service academy, Notre Dame at least moved above the mark that is the focus of our watch.

Though still easily the worst offense in the nation this year, with their 304 yards against Air Force Notre Dame is now averaging 218 yards per game offensively, which puts them just 4 yards above the 2002 Rutgers team which averaged 214 yards per game.

Does this mean our watch is over? Hell no!

In order for Notre Dame to stay above that 2002 Rutgers team, they will need to average –

193 Yards Per Game

Admittedly with games remaining against lowly Duke and Stanford, the Irish should “Git er done”. However, Notre Dame did come in with fewer than 193 yards 5 times this year, including their win over UCLA (140 yards total offense).

As an added plus, the Irish are still likely to finish with the worst offense in 2007. The current bottom 5 are –

115 Utah St. 270.8
116 Duke 266.0
117 Army 259.8
118 Florida Int'l 236.0
119 Notre Dame 218.0

That ladies and gentlemen is some SWEET company!

Can ND make up the 18 yards per game against FIU? Maybe not, as FIU plays no remaining “big teams” on their schedule (La Lafayette, FAU and North Texas).

Yes that North Texas, who gave up 74 points and 680 yards to Navy this week. It may very well come down to FIU’s game against the Mean Green to see if Irish eyes are crying.

Well, crying more than already, that is.

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Anonymous said...

The Duke/ND game should be an extravaganza of punts. If I were a ND fan (Big hypothetical IF), I would call for Weis' resignation. But I'm not so I'll laugh and drink another Irish Car Bomb to ND's fall from grace.