Saturday, October 20, 2007

Nail biter in Lexington

I took a bit of guff from some of the readers at A Sea of Blue for my post over there in our recent blog swap. My contribution was admittedly heavy on the bragging about how the Gators absolutely own Kentucky and light on pre-game analysis. But the analysis that it did contain proved to be remarkably accurate.

All that said, I have to give respect to this years edition of the Wildcats football team. AndrĂ© Woodson is the truth. With a QB rating of 150, I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I’m scared to death of him having a field day on our defense, which has been prone to giving up yards and points by the bushel. If there’s one thing I can take solace in, it’s that Kentucky’s defense has proven to be even weaker than Florida’s. Hopefully Florida’s baby Rhino (also known as Tim Tebow) is keeping your defensive coaches from sleeping this week. All indications are that this could be a shootout, with the team that possesses the ball last winning.
Some of the comments were amusing:
I do have to disagree with the writer's assesment of our defense. To his credit most people who havent spent much time watching our d and just going on the numbers would say UF's is better BUT our defense hasnt cost us 1 game (the d kept us in the game at USC) while UF's has AND our defense has done things UF's hast mainly STOP LSU.
I've heard that argument before from Cal fans who believe their defense bends but doesn't break. I prefer a defense that neither bends nor breaks and I'm afraid the Gator defense does both. Luckily Kentucky's did more breaking today.

As much as we are talking about each team's respective offense and the possibility of a shootout watch the final score be something like 17-10 UK of course.

Uh, no. This game went according to the script.
UK will win because UK is better than Florida this year. UK beat LSU for an amzing [sic] quality win. Florida does not have a quality win yet. UK also has a much more balanced attack on offense. UK is better, UK will win.
And I got ribbed for what I wrote?

A message from the Gator Nation to the Wildcats:
Thanks for giving the Gators a hell of a game. You had me nervous during long stretches of the game. You proved to be a worthy opponent and almost broke a 20-game losing streak to the Gators. But as I said in the comments at A Sea of Blue, beating LSU does not mean you've arrived. You need to win those types of games on a regular basis for a few years in a row. You may be on your way to it, and we'll all be watching. Please remember as you leave the stadium to turn off the lights and lock up for us.

-The Ownership.
See you in Gainesville next year.


Mergz said...

Literally, laughing my ass off.

Anonymous said...

Very amusing...
While you can't fault their fans for being optimistic, I'm glad they were just plain WRONG.
Go Gators!

jj gator said...

I don't give a shit if this game wasn't a "quality" win for our Gators - it was a UF WIN, and that's what really counts.