Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Can you feel it yet?

The Mike & Mike show was hosted by Rece Davis, Kirk Herbstreit and Lee Corso this morning. Herbstreit took the opportunity to stroke USC’s Pete Carroll in every imaginable way.

37 days until college football.

And the shilling has started.

On the inaugural edition of “College Football Live” on ESPN last night (featuring the same 3 gentlemen), we were told to expect a “national title” match up between USC and LSU. The Trojans received innumerable praise, while LSU was cast as the premier challenger to the presumptive title winner. Les Miles was interviewed, and asked repeatedly about his statements (apparently made to a booster group) in which he welcomed a chance at USC in the title game, and was critical about USC’s schedule.

So not do we only have a BCS match up in July, we have “bulletin board” material!

Why even play the regular season?

One of the great things about the first week of college football in recent years is the addition of intriguing and challenging contests (as opposed to the older tradition of “patsies only” for the first game.) Some of the tastier opening games to look forward to include –

Thursday, August 30

8:00 PM LSU at Mississippi State - Let’s see how Les Miles’ presumptive BCS title participants look in Starkville. Plus, seeing as the game is on Thursday before the first weekend, it is a nice appetizer to Saturday’s games.

Saturday, September 1

3:30 PM Georgia Tech at Notre Dame – Weis’ team pulled out a squeaker at Tech last year. With the loss of talent like Quinn, could ND open with a loss in 2007?

3:30 PM Wake Forest at Boston College – The 2006 ACC Champ versus always tough BC. Was the 2006 Wake team a fluke?

6:00 PM Western Kentucky at Florida - Yeah, just kidding. Some of us still play patsies week 1.

6:45 PM Oklahoma State at Georgia - The first of two Big 12 - SEC cross conference match ups on the first Saturday.

7:45 PM Kansas State at Auburn – The other.

8:00 PM Tennessee at California - The Vols schooled Cal last year at Neyland. Let the Pac Ten – SEC arguments begin early!

Monday, September 3

8:00 PM Florida State at Clemson – a Monday night Bowden bowl better than anything the NFL would be able to offer.

Only 37 Days.

Tick, tick, tick.

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