Wednesday, June 06, 2007

From nightmare…

… to dream situation?

Less than a week ago, it appeared Florida would be in the process of replacing their already legendary 42 year old basketball coach.

Now, it appears not only are we not replacing him, it appears he is going to sign off on an agreement not to coach in the NBA for at least 5 years.

One of the often leveled criticisms of Donovan by opposing fans (and likely opposing recruiters) was that he was primed – at any moment – to take an NBA job. I cannot count how many times I have heard or read that “You know he is going to the NBA soon”.

Well, it now looks as if Donovan will be unable to go to the NBA until at least 2012.

In other words, Donovan’s flirtation with the Magic has led to a dream situation for Florida in recruiting.

We can guarantee recruits our coach isn’t going anywhere for the time being.

Finally, many sports commentators seem to think that Florida fans are somehow going to be angry at Donovan for his short lived decision to leave the Gators.

Are you kidding?

You get a little leeway when you win back-to-back national titles.

The much harder decision to change his mind speaks volumes more than the initial decision to leave. He is willing to risk ridicule and perhaps monetary penalties to return to Gainesville.

When compared to Spurrier’s decision to coach the Redskins, Donovan looks like a hero to Gator fans right now.

Welcome back Billy.

The Year(s) of the Gator rolls on.

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