Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Ohio State – Lacking in Class

Normally, I wouldn’t post on something like this, after the dominating win Florida had over Ohio State. However, it has really become too much. Over the past several weeks, I have continued to hear amazing stories from Gator fans that went to Arizona of the total lack of class showed by Ohio State fans of all stripes. To recount my own worst experience (of many bad ones), while I was momentarily away from my wife (who is all of 5 feet tall), a couple of OSU fans made some vulgar suggestions to her.

The stories have been coming almost non-stop now from other Gator fans. One man I know attended the game with his teenage daughter. The OSU fans went understandably wild at Ginn’s first TD, and a fan taunted the daughter. When Florida scored its second TD, she responded in kind, whereas the OSU fan said to the father “You had better shut your bitch up”. The father took offense, and was attacked by the OSU fan, who had to be restrained.

Well, apparently classlessness is not limited to OSU fans. Recently I became aware that during the first quarter, Ohio State player Curtis Terry (#55) punched Tim Tebow while he was down, then stomped on his chest a couple of times for good measure. Take a look at this Youtube shot of the play.

Apparently the Big 10 has been notified. It will be interesting to see what they do.

I have been to literally hundreds of SEC games, and many FSU and Miami ones also. I have never seen fans act as poorly as the Ohio State fans did. It makes me feel sorry for their regular Big Ten opponents.


Anonymous said...

I went to the game. I was with two friends who were Gators. I am an OSU fan. The OSU fans and the Florida fans around our tailgate, in our section, in our hotel, and that we passed on the street, were all friendly and congratulatory (to the Gators). We never ran into a single rude fan before, during, or after the game.

We knew about 30+ other people there, and no one from either school had anything bad to say about their treatment by opposing fans.

The biggest jerk I met on the entire trip was a Florida fan who sat behind me on the plane home, and saw my OSU hat and felt the need to taunt me and make dumb jokes and do the Gator chomp. He was the only bad point on the trip and luckily I had an iPod to use to ignore him.

I think you should watch using generalizations. The fact that your wife and a friend had 3 people be rude to them, out of probably 100,000 people, is not worth mentioning.

There are bad fans for every football team.

I enjoy your posts and have continued to read this site even after the OSU v FL game is over, but am bummed that you would resort to generalizations to try and make a point that all OSU fans are classless.

If I put 10 minutes into it, I could probably find an Ohio State fan who could complain about their treatment by Florida fans. It doesn't mean all Florida fans lack class.

Henry Louis Gomez said...


I understand where you are coming from but do me a favor and do a google search for "Ohio State Riots" and tell me what you find. Sure all football teams have their rowdy and classless fans but some have more than others.

Mergz said...

Generalizing is something you do if you don't actually see it with your own eyes, or hear an overwhelming number of stories from other folks.

I could have made the post much longer with the number I things I personally saw, and have heard about. A "big boned" female OSU fan sitting in front of me stuck a finger in my face when they scored that first touchdown. Not pointed my way - actually almost touched my nose. Later in the game, as she left, she shot me a bird.

Now I have been in fights at Gator games before (in my younger days). I have had opposing fans do and say terrible things. But, the cumlative effect in this one game was worse than any other single game have been to, and that is saying a lot in over 25 years of SEC football attended. Every Gator fan I know has some sort of awful story. It is beyond the point of coincidence.

It really surprises me too, having been born in Ohio and lived a part of my life in the midwest. I really didn't expect it from midwest fans.

Anonymous said...

Every student I've spoken to who made the trip to Glendale was shocked at how poorly OSU's fans conducted themselves. They were generally described as rude, arrogant, vulgar, and completely obnoxious. And this is comming from a student body that is known for throwing a bottle filled with urine on Phil Fulmer's wife.

I ran into a couple older alumns travelling into Phoenix that were pretty decent - including James Lauranitis's grandfather (the Animal Sr.), but as far back as Tampa Airport I was running to Buckeyes who were just plain obnoxious.

I've been to most the venues in the SEC, along with Doak and a few bowl games, and I've never seen opposing fans behave this poorly. Absolutely zero class from the bulk of their fans.

P.S. - Why does everyone wear a jersey? Is that a Big Ten thing or just and OSU thing? Because you don't see that many jerseys down here. I personally find them ridiculous - you aren't playing in the game, so why are you dressed like it? Between the jerseys and the beer on tap inside the stadium I could have sworn I was at a Bucs' game.

Henry Louis Gomez said...


My understanding from a Gator insider that has knowledge of the situation is that it wasn't piss but warm bourbon that got thrown on Fulmer's wife. Who goes around with piss in a cup anyway?

Anonymous said...

Last year at the Ohio State v Penn State game, members of the OSU marching band were hit with bottles of urine by Penn State fans.

Who pisses in a cup Henry?
NC State fans

I agree that if you aren't an athlete playing on the field, or a college-aged female, you should be banned from wearing a jersey. If you are a male age 30+ with a beer gut it should be a felony.

But I still refuse to say that OSU fans are any better/worse than other fans. Each school has bad apples. Yeah OSU has riots which are ridiculous.

I was in Boulder, CO on business a few years ago when Colorado won the Big 12 and the riots were so bad police were shooting tear gas in the streets, fires and overturned cars were everywhere, and police wouldn't let us leave our hotel.

There are problems and bad eggs everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the YouTube clip of the Tebow getting "punched" by #55. Please. You call yourselves football fans. Have you never played the game? Can you please quit feigning outrage.

In almost any tackle, in almost any scrum for a fumble, in almost any pile, worse shit than that happens. People get fingers bent back, spit on, eyes gouged.

Please. That is such a non-story I am still amazed FL fans keep bringing it up.

Henry Louis Gomez said...

I can assure you that Mrs. Fulmer did not have piss thrown on her. Let's leave it at that.

As far as I know the only casualty of the celebration in Gainesville after the BCS CG was the guy who was streaking and ran into the path of a car. Not sure if he made it, but he was in serious condition.

Anonymous said...

Why dont you show the whole play with curtis terry where tebow pulls him down by his fask mask?

Anonymous said...

But none of the Flordia fans did anything wrong? What a stupid point to make. You're basically saying that because four or five examples of typical drunk college students behaving badly that the entire university, and all of its fans, students alumni and athletes are classless. Of course, Flordia fans are perfect and never do anything wrong. For every bad comment made by and Ohio State fan there was an equal amount said by Florida faithful even though there was a 5/1 OSU to Flordia fan ratio.